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Thank you for visiting my website!!  If you are here..then you are tired of paying full price and ready to join the club of couponers who love to SAVE BIG!!

So often I am approached in stores by people wondering how I am able to pay so little for so much!!  My response is usually the same.. I cannot afford to pay for what they are giving away for pennies on the dollar. :)  So, I thought to can I help show others how simple it is to save big?  Thus began.. K.I.S.S. Couponing..a place to find information about the best deals each week, share your stories and deals with the growing coupon community, order pre-clipped coupons and if you don't have the time or would rather have someone else do the work for you...we offer a personal "couponing" service.  Take a moment to tour the site... you may find a deal at your local store that will save you big TODAY!!





Our philosophy:

Everyone would love to save money in today's economy. What I hear most often when I ask people why they do not use coupons is either " I don't have time" or " it's too complicated".   K.I.S.S. Couponing makes it simple to understand how to interpret sales flyers, coupon lingo and help customize the deals to your level of comfort.  We enjoy teaching the strategies to take you from a beginner to an Extremer!! :)

Our commitment to results:

When you choose our personal shopper service, we work with you one on one(group seminar option also available) and tutor you to success. Our success is measured by your savings. That's why we invest any resource needed to get and keep your business and referrals.



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